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Charles Grimm

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20in TilesAs you heard us mention before we have the biggest selection in the central valley. We currently have a huge selection of 20x20 porcelain which is today’s biggest trend. Our 20” tiles range from different prices and colors. Most of our 20x20 tile is imported from all over the world. We also have a great selection of 12”, 13”, 16”, and 18” floors. If you are tiling a shower or vanity we have wall and countertop tile in 4x4, 6x6, 8x10, and 8x12. All of these tiles are in stock with all the trimmings available as well.

Many consumers today want the beauty of tile in their showers and countertops but they don’t want to hassle with a lot of grout lines, so we suggest installing larger tiles for these applications. By doing this you cover a lot more area with one piece of tile and grout lines are reduced up to 65%. Another big trend is to butt the tiles close together and apply a non-sanded grout in the narrow joints. The appearance is seamless and the overall maintenance is minimal. This process may also be done for floor applications.

We provide many ideas and displays in our showroom and warehouse. All of our displays have been very helpful for customers who are unable to make a decision or cannot vision what the finished project would look like. And for the tiles that we don’t have countertops or floor displays we have sample boards that have each tile set and grouted.

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